932 Woodborough Road
Mapperley Plains
Nottingham NG3 5QS
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Open Monday - Saturday
Premiere Sandwich Bar and Outside Catering

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Please add lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion or any Chutney to your order at no extra charge.
Gherkins, beetroot, grapes, sliced egg, pickled onions, basil ~ 20p each.
Hummus, olives, avocado, coleslaw and sunblush tomatoes ~ 30p each.
Rolls, Sandwiches, Baguettes & Salad Boxes
Paninis and Ciabatta also available priced 20p more than Baguette prices
We have suggested sandwich combinations within our menu, but feel free to ask for any combination you like. If there is something you require which isn't on the menu please ask and we will do our best to get it for you.
Please note: some of our products may contain nuts and although every care is taken, some of our products may contain small bones.
~ Fish Selection ~
Prawns, Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Crayfish and Crabsticks
Here are some of our suggestions:
Paninis and Ciabatta available at 20p more than the Baguette prices.
Prawn mayonnaise3.203.704.00
Prawn mayonnaise & brie3.504.004.30
Prawn mayonnaise with avocado, lemon juice & black pepper3.504.004.30
Smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill3.504.004.30
Tuna flakes with fresh peppers & sweetcorn3.003.503.80
Crayfish tails in marie rose sauce with rocket3.504.004.30
Crabstick mayonnaise with salad3.003.503.80
Tuna mayonnaise with salad3.003.503.80
Prawns in sweet chilli mayonnaise3.203.704.00
Tuna with a lime & coriander mayonnaise3.003.503.80
~ Meat Selection ~
Roast beef, Ham, Roast pork, Roast chicken, Bacon, Pastrami, Sausage, Salami and Pates
Here are some of our suggestions:
Paninis and Ciabatta available at 20p more than the Baguette prices.
Chicken caesar salad with parmesan shavings3.003.503.80
Roast beef with horseradish sauce3.003.503.80
Bacon and brie3.403.904.20
Roast chicken and bacon club3.504.004.30
Classic bacon, lettuce & tomato3.003.503.80
Jerk chicken and mango chutney3.003.503.80
Pesto chicken salad3.003.503.80
Tandoori chicken and mint yoghurt3.003.503.80
Coronation chicken & mango chutney3.003.503.80
Chicken tikka with mint yoghurt dressing3.003.503.80
Pastrami and homemade coleslaw3.303.804.10
Ham salad3.003.503.80
Bacon and free range egg mayonnaise3.303.804.10
Chicken, bacon & sweetcorn mayonnaise3.003.503.80
Salami and Jarlsberg3.303.804.10
Roast chicken salad3.003.503.80
Bacon and avocado3.303.804.10
Chicken, stuffing and apple sauce3.103.603.90
Sweet chilli jam chicken3.003.503.80
Piri Piri chicken3.003.503.80
Chorizo, brie and sunblush tomatoes3.604.104.40
Pastrami, Emmenthal and Gherkin3.604.104.40
"Manwich" (ask Elliot)3.704.204.50
~ Cheese & Vegetarian Selection ~
Cheddar, Philadelphia, Brie, Mozzarella, Feta, Jarisberg, Stilton, Haloumi, Red Leicester, Patchwork veggie pates, Roast vegetables, Hummus, Free range egg mayonnaise & Coleslaw
Here are some of our suggestions:
Paninis and Ciabatta available at 20p more than the Baguette prices.
Ploughman's mature cheddar or stilton, pickle, apple & pickled onion3.403.904.20
Dambuster and pickle3.003.503.80
Mozzarella with fresh basil, tomato & avocado3.403.904.20
Stilton (Colston Basset) & sweet mango chutney3.003.503.80
Roasted halloumi & sweet chilli relish3.003.503.80
Red Leicester & spring onion mayonnaise3.003.503.80
Patchwork veggie pate with salad & redcurrant jelly3.003.503.80
Roast vegetables with hummus3.003.503.80
Cheese with homemade coleslaw2.803.303.60
Free range egg mayonnaise and cress2.903.403.70
Brie and grape3.203.704.00
Cheese salad2.503.003.30
Feta cheese and pitted olives3.303.804.10
Mozzarella and sunblush tomatoes3.303.804.10
Goats cheese and cranberry3.003.503.80
Applewood smoked cheddar with caramelised onion chutney3.003.503.80
Stilton and rocket with pear3.203.704.00
~ Vegan Options ~
Roast veg and hummus3.003.503.80
Vegan pate and salad3.003.503.80
Vegan cheese and sunblush tomatoes3.303.804.10
Falafel with rocket and sweet chilli3.003.503.80
Vegan "Manwich"3.504.004.30
~ Salad Boxes ~
All our salads include lettuce, rocket, tomato, cucumber, sliced egg, beetroot, grated carrot, fresh peppers, sweetcorn, onion, celery, cress and homemade coleslaw.
But as with everything here they are made fresh to order so if there is something you don't want we replace it with extra of the things you like - please just tell us.
Basic salad box 3.25.
Please top your salad with grated cheeses, roast vegetables, sunblush tomatoes or olives for 50p each. Our speciality cheeses or meat, tuna, prawns & crayfish for an additional 1.25 each.
Our salad boxes are also available as "salad bombs". All the salad is mixed with pasta and a topping of your choice e.g. chicken tikka, with mint yoghurt and mango chutney for 5.00 - please create your own combinations.
Special of the day - please ask
Homemade quiche of the day served boxed (2.50 a slice) with or without salad.
With salad and coleslaw - additional 2.00
Homemade frittata of the day served boxed (2.50 a slice) with or without salad.
With salad and coleslaw - additional 2.00

Bread Options
Soft white or brown rolls,
Wraps white, brown or rye artisan sliced,
freshly baked baguettes, paninis or ciabatta
Deliveries are free but please try to phone before 12.00 to ensure that your lunch is on time.
Breakfast Rolls
are available until 11am
Choose from bacon, sausage, fried egg, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes
Toast and toasted teacakes
Homemade Quiche of the Day
Homemade Soup of the day & jacket potatoes available in Winter

A little bit on the side
Walkers Crisps85p
Pipers Crisps1.00p
Large Pipers1.99p
Cans of Drink1.00p
Bottled Drinks (Coke/Fanta/Orange juice etc)1.50p
Bottled Water1.00p
San Pelligrino cans1.50p
White chocolate and cranberry tiffin2.25p
Our Famous Homemade Brownie2.50p
Rocky Road cake slice2.50p
Homemade Chocolate Cornflake Cake2.25p
Homemade Caramel Slice2.50p
Homemade Flapjack2.00p
Cake of the day2.95p or 3.50p
Scones with clotted cream and jam3.50p
Byron Bay Cookies1.50p
Fresh Fruit50p

Deli-icious Premiere Sandwich Bar and Outside Catering, 932 Woodborough Road, Mapperley Plains, Nottingham NG3 5QS. Tel 0115 9856526